Google+Ihr Rechtsanwalt für die kniffligen Fälle in Berlin Steglitz / Deutsch, Bosnisch, Kroatisch, Serbisch, Serbokroatisch und Englisch
Bepi Uletilović

"A lot of knowledge does not teach a man to have mind." (Heraklit)
  • Foundation Year: 1997
  • Profile: Individual and creative legal solutions with direct communication in German, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Serbokroatian and English
  • Client Circle: Small and middle-class enterprises, private persons
  • Domains and Successes: An extract of my domains and successes you can see on my infopage. The common law fields employment law, right of residence, inheritance law, family law, sales law, tenancy law, criminal law and road traffic law belong to my basic repertoire. I'm also active in borderline crossing cases between Germany, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.