Google+Ihr Rechtsanwalt für die kniffligen Fälle in Berlin Steglitz / Deutsch, Bosnisch, Kroatisch, Serbisch, Serbokroatisch und Englisch
Bepi Uletilović
  • My activity is not limited on special fields, but I am working as a general lawyer. The general lawyer is characterized by a special service spectrum, which is demanded of a wide client circle. He is the first contact person of the citizen and is basically active on the common law fields.
  • Because of my language knowledge, I am also active in borderline crossing cases between Germany, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia and have corresponding contacts respectively can establish them.
  • The various law fields are not isolated. They are a part of a system and have many points of contact. Someone, who for example acts for an employee, because of a notice of his employment contract, has always to keep in his view the social legal insurance and the tax legal consequences. Therefore I set store by not limiting my view on special fields of a case in a sense of a special responsibility, but making efforts to include all aspects of the case in my procedure.
  • According to my many years of practical experiance the complete knowledge of the facts and the background, on which the case is based on, is of vital importance for a proper and successful protection of the client’s interests. Not without cause people say that the devil is in the details. So that I do not miss important information, I am cultivating the personal contact to my clients and the personal work on their whole case, from the first meeting to the lawsuit.